How to Hack WiFi Password | Crack SSID Security Key

How to Hack a Wi-Fi Password – All Resources Mentioned – Thanks to the Internet, hacking a wifi password is not any more a sophisticated task. With just a click away, anybody can learn how to hack somebody’s wifi password. You just need some patient, dedication and right tools to crack wifi password of your neighbour. So, let’s get started.

Does hacking SSID security key and getting access to high security encryption sounds enticing to you? Then you need to get a few things lined up to get an optimized process of hacking a Wi-Fi password protected by WPA2 or any other protocl. All these requirements are quintessential in order to initialize your way through hacking and here we are presenting you with all of those.


WiFi Hacking Tools Requirement

Kali Linux is the most preferred OS for hacking passwords with Wireless technology. Make sure your version of Kali Linux has Wi-Fi tool and Aircrack-ng suite pre-installed, if not download it and install it.

Your laptop’s inbuilt Wi-Fi router or your ISP’s Wi-Fi router is no good if you are into Hacking, you need an external Wi-Fi adapter, an external adapter that has injection capability. We recommend TP-Link TL-WN722N which serves all our purposes. You can find it on Amazon and Flipkart or any other e-commerce website easily plus in any Computer Store nearby.

For a better coverage you should get a high-end Wireless Adapter and we recommend Alfa-AWUSO36NH with a good antenna for this purpose.

The best adapter in the market is TP-Link TL ANT2424B 2.4GHz with 24dB that has the best range as well.

Method 1:

This method requires ‘Wi-Fi’ which is a Linux Based tool available on all Linux OS and some other supporting OS. This is primarily used for connecting to Encrypted Networks.

  • How to view all the available Access Points?
  1. Boot into your Kali Linux and go to Applications
  2. You are inside Kali Linux that will help you in Wireless Attacks that will lead you to 802.11 wireless tools and then Wi-Fi will be available as an option over there. If you can’t find it in the GUI then open the terminal and type Wi-Fi.
  3. There will be a list of Access points visible on the screen.
  4. Let it load for a few while and then you will be able to see the type of connection i.e. WEP, WPA/WPA 2 besides the BSSID of every access points
  • Getting to the hacking part now

Follow the following tips to hack any network. Remember that WEP connections are easier to hack in comparison to WPA2 security protocols.

  1. Pick up the target you want to hack
  2. The former part takes around 10 minutes.
  3. If the attack fails for the first time then try again. You will probably succeed after a number of attempts only.
  • How to hack WPA security based Wi-Fi network?

WPA Encryption is safer than WEP Encryption i.e. it’s encryption is harder to decode than WEP. But for passwords with small number of characters the encryption can be cracked. We will be using Handshake Capture.

First Way out

Handshake is a file that stores all the information of interaction between client’s device and the Wireless Router for the purpose of authentication. The Wi-Fi password in both the encrypted and decrypted form is present in this handshake file.

Second Way out

Wi-Fi Phishing is a tool in which we create a dummy Wireless Network after jamming the target’s access point. This is one type of social engineering in which we make the owner of the target Access Point is made to fall in a trap. There’s no brute force attack or other encryption de-encryption methods involved in this method. But remember this method yet has to work only on Kali Linux Devices.

There are three Phases to it

  1. First step is to de-authenticate the target access point. The tool which we have provided to you is used to jam the target access point and it will look for all the available access points in the range of your router. Overall we are trying to imitate the access point of device through the main server by using death packets. This will generate a fake access points in the place of real ones.
  2. In this phase the victim has to login into the rogue access point that you have generated in phase 1. In this way you can gain access to the credentials inputted by the victim. You just have got all the required credentials.
  3. Now you need the victim to feel that he has logged in the real access point. You will have to provide the victim with a realistic router configuration page. Put it on the main web server after the confirmation message to be shown.

Method 2: Wi-Fi Password Hacker Software

Some features of Online Wi-Fi Hacker Software

  • Free software without any virus, spyware, malware or Trojans. You can stay assured about security of devices.
  • Updates automatically
  • Wi-Fi password cracker works with all devices running on Windows OS.
  • Supports decryption of WPA, WEP and WPA2 encrypted networks.
  • The GUI is so convenient that even a novice can use it.
  • Protect yourself from WPS attack.
  • Hack into all the nearby Wi-Fi networks hassle free and also for free

Wi-Fi Cracker/Hacker Softwares List

1 – Proxy Grabber:

The name holds popularity among the mass that is looking for a convenient and free of charge tool to hack into Wi-Fi networks. The application is available for Android as well, very convenient to use and compatible with Windows OS. Any types of WLAN network can be hacked in a matter of minutes also reach any Wi-Fi router in your vicinity just in minutes.

2 –Hack Wi-Fi

If you are looking for procuring access to all the nearby networks in your area then this is all you need. The application is designed with a mindset to crack even the most secure encryption protocols. Additionally this program will analyze for any type of loops and insecurities.

3 –N-map (Network Mapper)

The application holds a benchmark in getting access to highly secure networks, over the world it is also used for security auditing as well. Thousands of network system administrators use this software to check network inventory, open ports and managing upgrade schedules hassle free. IP Packets is what it works through and it determines available host and their information.

4 –Metasploit Penetration Testing Software

This application is the player of checking vulnerabilities against penetration of hacking framework. By downloading this you gain access to a number of hacking tools for different purposes. Popular among Cyber Security Professionals and Hackers, this is a security framework providing you with complete info about all the possible security threats and assists in finding perfect IDS testing methods, exploitation plans and strategies. This tool can also prove great for learning as well.

5 –John: The Ripper

The tool is popular for dictionary attacks and cracking the passphrases easily. There are numerous text strings sample such as a list of popular word list, hotshot passwords, complex passphrases and most used passwords. The algorithm tests all the password samples one by one while trying to hit the right passphrase. The tool is perfect for performing dictionary attacks on the nearby WLAN networks.

6 –THC Hydra

This application works hand in hand with John: The Ripper and it is used by various development teams all over the world to crack passwords. The application provides unmatched stability over other applications and the application is efficient in performing Login in the moment of Network. The application comes with great ability to check all the passwords very easily on the login page itself easily.

That’s all folks! The above mentioned techniques are only meant for Educational, Research and development processes. The author does not promote any type of illegal activities and the author is not responsible in such a case.