Start Tracking Your Internet Consumption

By | February 3, 2018

Consider the two most popular companies in the world –Apple and McDonald’s. Apple started with a revolutionary technology, iPhone, a device that could replace number of gadgets being one substitute and save time. Look at fast food, it was supposed to save people’s time and become a solution to the stresses in modern times. Now, both of them have become a problem themselves.


We all know about Fitbit, a wristband that track your health details. Nowadays, we need a similar thing to track the time spent on our mobile handsets. The time has come when we should regulate our exposure to gadgets.

2014 saw the rise of Moment, an iOS app to track the time users spend on their phones and warns them on over-usage. The app uses the battery metrics of iPhone to track the screen time of each app. The app can provide you startling facts about your phone usage.

Maybe, that’s the answer we were looking for. Moment’s user base has only rise since its inception. There were 2.3 million downloads in 2017 alone. The interest of people fades in such buzzy apps but it’s not the case with Moment.

Two prime investors in Apple have put the request to step towards curbing gadget addiction in children. From the creator of first iPhone to inventor of Facebook’s like button, everyone is acknowledging the negative consequences of these devices.

These recommendations are mere a talk show as no tech giant has taken any step to regulate the amount of time we use on gadgets. The time has come that we should have more apps like Moment, providing us with more control on our phone usage just like fitness tracking apps.

The closest alternative to Moment in an iPhone is the Battery settings in iOS. There are many apps available for Android devices like QualityTime, App Usage and others. While the number remains low for iOS devices and the reason is that iOS API prevents a third party from creating any app that could comprehensively track phone usage or lock users from using specific apps after some fixed time. The users resort on making the phone’s screen greyscale from the accessibility settings of their iPhone. While the health app and Apple Watch does a lot to monitor your health and provide you with stats about it. The effect of stats on individual can vary a lot, but it certainly has the potential to motivate you at least.

The task is challenging to counteract with, there is possible money making abilities in fitness trackers as they are expensive and everyone wants to be in good shape. But yet it’s unclear how much an iPhone users wishes to curtail his or her usage but even if they care about it, the tech giants would only face loss in their business interests.

All the workers at Apple, Google and other tech companies want to have calm technology but they don’t have a plan to do it. They have to bring a plan and treat this problem as a real problem.

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